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Who are we?

 Aviaxin  is a poultry vaccine innovation and technology support company 

About Us

Our Vision


 To be the number one resort for poultry producers allover the world, where we can professionally support them by our pioneer approach of problem solving. 

Our Mission


 We invent and produce pioneer biological products that ensure safe, effective, and economic vaccine delivery to poultry flocks.   

Our Values


Honesty, Openness, Reliability and Best Services

Products & services

Our Business



Our vaccine business is divided in to two sections:

1) Research and Development (R&D) to invent new vaccines technologies that ensure safe and effective delivery of vaccines to protect against diseases and hence limit the economic losses; 

2) Autogenous vaccine (custom-made vaccine) support to help our clients protecting their turkey and chicken flocks against emerging diseases. 

Autogenous Vaccines



1- Reovirus vaccines

- Aviaxin starts to support avian reovirus autogenous vaccine service. By using a unique typing scheme of reovirus isolates, our customers will be able to take the right decision of reovirus autogenous vaccination. Within a short timeline, our customers will obtain their vaccines. They can also track the laboratory diagnostic process, typing and manufacturing through Aviaxin App (will be available soon).

Bacterial vaccines


 Will be released soon 

Diagnostic Services


 - Aviaxin will soon offer avian reovirus diagnostic services including histopathology, virus isolation, serology, RT-PCR and sequencing. See the submission instruction guide for avian reovirus. 

Genetically Engineered Vaccines


 - Aviaxin is initiating R&D projects to detect the genetic determinants of pathogenicity and serogrouping of chicken and turkey reoviruses and to produce novel reovirus vaccines. Sending your isolates to Aviaxin diagnostic laboratory will support the future progress of the diagnostic process, the typing of avian reoviruses and the production of safe effective vaccines that support poultry production.  

Poultry Consulting Services


Coming Soon

How to Submit Samples


Submission instruction guide for avian reovirus:

- If you submit for reovirus diagnostics (histopathology/virus detection):

Whole bird (young chickens and turkeys)

Whole legs (large turkeys) 

Whole leg and heart (large chickens)

- If you submit reovirus isolates:

Submit it frozen in dry ice

- It is not recommended to send tendons to the laboratory for virus isolation. Possibility of fecal contamination is high. Sending whole legs is the best practice. The laboratory will follow a disinfection protocol before sample processing.

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